About us

Our company specializes in the development of smart and advanced multimedia products, in full compliance with the car market in Israel and with the aim of enhancing and enhancing the driving experience in Israel. The company was founded in 2002 by Daniel Gorgov and Gregory Israelov, and since 2005, the company’s products have been sold under the SAMSONIX brand. During the years of its operation, the company has gained experience, knowledge and proficiency in adapting products to the needs and tastes of the Israeli driver, and as a result has become a leading company in its field.

The company’s vision

In order to enhance the driving experience and make it safe and enjoyable, the company has set itself the goal of meeting customer requirements in the present and future, with maximum consideration and attention to market trends and the changing reality. Adherence to technology and design is a candle at the company’s feet in order to market products, at the highest level of quality while fully adapting to the prevailing climatic conditions in Israel. We strive to provide our customers with a shopping experience based on a personal and creative attitude and to provide each of the company’s customers with the maximum solution.

Company products

The company’s products are developed at the company’s headquarters in Israel, while the production processes are carried out in the Far East (including China, Taiwan and Korea), while maintaining a quality and professional production process – from production people, through the quality of raw materials to the quality of means of production. All this to ensure that the final product meets the highest and most advanced standards. In order to provide the Israeli driver with an empowering and safe driving experience, the company takes care to provide a professional response to technological challenges, the hot climate in Israel, the driving conditions in Israel and the design the Israeli driver prefers.

Customer service and warranty

The company’s customers are the beating heart and they enable the staff to give the Israeli driver maximum attention, both at the level of customer service and at the level of quality and product design. The field of customer service, is woven as the second thread in the company’s activities throughout its divisions and in parallel with the leading, high-quality and designed products that the company provides to the Israeli driver. All of the company’s products have been adapted to the congested and hot roads in the State of Israel, in order to make the driving experience enjoyable and rewarding. All SAMSONIX products are given a one-year warranty in full compliance with the warranty certificate given to the product at the time of purchase.